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A special thank you to everyone that has sponsored or collaborated with me. Listed below are a few of my favorite partnerships to date. 

Brock Colyar attended and covered The Cobrasnake and A Sexy Party for The Cut. Interviewing party-goers who boasted about the music and energy, Colyar captured the sexy, live, in the moment essence I aim to bottle up. 

the cut.png

As A Sexy Party's sole beer provider, Pabst Blue Ribbon gifted hundreds of beers for the last two installments.

A Sexy Party was honored to work with Dolls Kill, as they provided 20+ outfits for guests to try on and get photographed in. 


Tapped into all things hot in the NYC region, Dirty Magazine collaborated with A Sexy Party, brining our freakiest fantasies to life.

Izzy Capulong from Office Magazine captured the raw chaos of A Sexy Party: God Fucks the Queen, which can be viewed and read on their website. 


Essential in the techno/ rave scene, Yerba Mate was the perfect partner for Steamroom.

Securing a partnership with Pressed Juice for the Steamroom parties allowed for further emphasis on health and wellness.

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