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Music Business professional with a BBA and ten years of experience in the industry.

Located in Brooklyn, New York


Arel Studio
Office Management

December 2023-Present                                          New York, New York

  • Facilitate relationships with clients to maximize business profit potential

  • Work with high profile clientele by the likes of The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Broadway,  Netflix, and Apple TV

  • Maintain office organization by streamlining management between tailors, partners, and clients

  • Implement financial structure to help effortlessly track and receive payment

Luque PLLC
Legal Assistant

January 2023-November 2023                                New York, New York

  • Support the founder through law education and experience with entertainment law

  • Manage documentation and client communication

  • Assist on 50+ cases by offering organizational and internal support

Fancy PR
Music Publicist

March 2022-January 2023                                       New York, New York


Roster includes: Sofi Tukker, Gia Woods, Saucy Santana, LP Giobbi, and more

  • Foster and maintain relationships with music writers, artists, and record labels 

  • Draft well researched/ detailed press releases to secure artist write-ups in relevant publications

  • Research and understand industry trends to ensure clients success

Elements Festival 
Marketing Coordinator

June 2021-December 2022                                     New York, New York

  • Compose concise and professional correspondence for artist teams, press, and  influencer partnerships

  • Navigate and segment audience data in Google Sheets as needed for specific targeted campaigns

  • Managed on the ground damage control and acted as the point of contact for festival operations

  • Increase social media insights by 20,000 followers and engagement by 75%

DBMK Music
Tour and Merchandise Manager

June 2017-September 2021                                  Nashville, Tennessee

  • Created, grew, and organized a promotion team exceeding 300 members

  • Manage and advance shows by connecting with artist and venue managers, lighting directors, and sound technicians

  • Handle customer satisfaction through proficiency with Eventbrite, Squarecash, Google Sheets/ Excel, and Mastertour


Event Producer

January 2023-Present                                              New York, New York

  • Direct ticket buyers, guest list, and PR requests using Resident Advisor and Outlook

  • Managed team of 30+ in coordinating production, artists, vendors, security, and staff

  • Integrate internal organization by overseeing revenue and managing the status of overhead costs

Event Producer

January 2021-Present                                              New York, New York

  • Spearhead partnerships including but not limited to The Cut, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Dolls Kill, and Office Magazine

  • Develop and manage budgets, ensuring cost-effective allocation of resources

  • Negotiate contracts with vendors, suppliers, and talent to stay within budget

  • Cultivate active audience to consistently sell out events ranging from 400-800+ capacity

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